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Thread: Swype Up to Capitalize Words On-the-fly

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    Fyi - version 3.1.0 (released April 25 2017) still doesn't fix this issue. WTF?

    Update from Swype support - they intentionally removed it.


    So, despite all the data they gather and track in conjunction with our keyboard use, they had no idea how popular this feature was. Ugh!
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    Well, it seems that the Product Manager(s) at Nuance were oblivion to the fact caps-on-the-fly was a unique feature that gave them a competitive advantage over other keyboard apps.

    Not sure why, but I detect a sense of stubbornness from Nuance when they mentioned that the feature was intentionally removed, even though many of us received somewhat positive feedback from Nuance Support several weeks ago that the feature was being looked into, implying that it may have been a bug.

    I've got to admit, several features that Swype still has makes it far better than others.

    I have rolled back to the latest version where the caps-on-the-fly works. I am happy :-)

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    Adding my vote for this feature to be reinstated. Have also raised a zendesk ticket and voted Swype down in the play store. Thanks for the apk link to 2.2.3.
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    Slightly curious as to why this is such a big feature for many. Generally the only words I want capitalised are after a full stop or a place name like London - both of which are automatic. Nothing more aggravating than having features you use removed rather than made optional tho.

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    Please bring back this feature. I don't understand why it was removed in the first place.

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    Agreed. I miss this feature VERY MUCH, and am rather pissed that it was removed. If you want to add an OPTION to turn it off, fine, but don't give us a feature for several years, then suddenly remove it!

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