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Thread: Roll back to the previous version, HOW?

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    Roll back to the previous version, HOW?

    I just saw a new update and installed it, but it's beyond terrible. For God's sakes. What have we done in past life to piss you guys off? Please tell how to roll back to the previous version. I have no interest to say the reasons why it's so terrible! Pathetic, garbage update. Killed the keyboard,, almost.

    Took me more than double time to write this with the new update than I normally would have.

    I'm done.
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    What issues do you have? I have just installed it on the Pixel XL myself, after like a year of not using it, cause it's been mostly abandoned. I don't think you'll get any replies from Swype reps here either. I just installed it cause I mistakenly thought it was a big update to 3.0, and since I already set it up, I'm just trying it out. It does have some advantages over Gboard, especially when swiping.

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    I had some issues since last update too... I had "... has stopped working" twice already, what the hell? I wanted to roll back but unfortunately sites that are offering different versions of apps for android are only offering Trial
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