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Thread: Allow number row use with secondary characters at the same time

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    Allow number row use with secondary characters at the same time

    Thank you for finally adding the numbers row, it's one of the features I requested previously. However I still can't use it because turning it on causes me to lose my secondary characters on the keyboard layout which is a deal breaker. Please fix this

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    I logged in to say this exact same thing. I don't care if it makes things look crowded; give us the choice, please.

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    I use numbers a lot, but if I enable the full numbers row, I no longer remember which key has brackets as a secondary.

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    Thumbs down So close, but you removed an existing feature to FINALLY get the dedicated number row

    I, too, was so excited to finally get a dedicated number row option, but the secondary characters disappeared. I have to think this is a bug, because when I select number row, the secondary character option is still selected, but kind of grayed out. I can still set the height I want, so there should not be any problems with size being an issue in keeping the secondary characters. Unfortunately I cannot use the number row if the secondary characters are gone.....


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    Dear Swype Developers,

    We need both options together, please :-)

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    I absolutely agree and like another user registered for this forum to express my disappointment that secondary characters aren't showing up when I choose to have the numbers row visible.
    PLease fix ASAP!

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    Ugh, I hadn't even enabled this feature, but now that I've learned it hides all symbols when enabled, I guess I won't be using it yet... being able to see and use symbols with a long-press is way more useful and important to me than a number row, but why not allow both? In fact, there should just be a setting for displaying the alt-keys that works across all skins for those who want to enable it.

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    The number row is excellent, but why remove the secondary characters?

    If the concern is that there will be no secondary characters for the top letter row of the keyboard, them just leave them blank, or use extra secondary characters?

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    I support this too. The dedicated number row is useless if secondary characters are disabled.

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    Agreed, but it's actually pretty easy to memorise the secondary characters so not too big of a deal for me

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