Note: I am posting in English Language Development rather than Feature Request for ios/android because it applies to all devices. A moderator can relocate if preferred.

For what it's worth, I'm a very long-term user of Swype.

Here's my complaint:

As you all have probably noticed, Sywpe dictionary contains TOO MANY rarely used *proper nouns* (People's names, especially famous people, specific city names, etc).

-->The bigger the dictionary the more words will rudely insert themselves into your texts.

I do not want random middle eastern city names
I do not want random foreign names

I propose that swype provide "word bundles" that you can download into your personal dictionary.
Spanish Names
Spanish Cities
Celebrity Names
Russian Names
Polish Names
Arabic Names
and so forth.

Then these should be removed from the master database so they're not constantly popping up when we're trying to write a simple English sentence.

I would be surprised if this hasn't been discussed yet. It's been on my mind for years.