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Thread: Voice to Text Icon Missing

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    Angry Voice to Text Icon Missing

    Recently, the voice to text icon has disappeared from my swype keyboard. It used to be next to the period. I have checked all of the settings and "Show Voice Key"
    is checked. I contacted Samsung through the website and they walked me back through the steps I have already attempted. Still no luck. The icon was there one day and
    gone the next. I have looked through the forums and found some other suggestions, but none of these worked or applied to my phone. Anyone had this same issue and
    how did it get resolved? The last post I see about this was 2013 on this page.

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    Misery loves company

    Omg, finally SOMEONE ELSE... I've been looking everywhere for you!!! Mine has been gone for a year, galaxy s6 edge!? Haven't found anyone else with the issue. Have you found out anything yet?

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    Pre-installed Swype or Play Store?

    Swyped from my LG G4 with Tapatalk 4.5.2

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