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Thread: Custom words will not save in the dictonary

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    Custom words will not save in the dictonary

    Hello from Germany,

    I have some problems with swype. I can not save my custom words - thats really stupid.

    Have anyone this problem, too?

    Ive got a HTC Desire


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    I was the stupid guy... why you have changed it... i have to press the "add to dictonary"-button again .. thats unfunctional...

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    Actually its not "unfuctional" its perfect!!!!!! say i type a new word and mis-type it, the dictionary no longer auto-saves the word spelled wrong, now you have to confirm! I add a ton of spanish words to my english dictionary as i use both constantly in the same message and sometimes dont switch the keyboard to spanish. at first it was annoying BUT now that i have added most of the words i use on a regular basis its actually a GREAT feature.

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    That is the entire point. This way you won't keep adding short incorrect words to your dictionary, only the words you 100% want in. numbers especially were a major issue.

    This is MUCH better than before

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    I don't think I like this where I'd have to click twice to confirm, I clicked once the first time to add it, why a 2nd time?

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