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Thread: Upgrading to iOS 10 = Swype not present from time to time

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    Angry Upgrading to iOS 10 = Swype not present from time to time


    after I upgraded to iOS 10, the Swype keyboard is missing quite a lot of times - and I have to restart the app (Messages, Mail) multiple times to have it working again. I know that this was the problem on iOS 8, but now it seems to re-appear.

    Are you aware of that? Will you provide any updates for us?



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    IOS 10.0.2 Keyboard does not pop up

    Same problem here. It was bad before the latest upgrade, and is now awful. Keyboard does not pop up, or is misaligned on iPhone in several apps. Most notably Facebook.

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    I'm having this issue as well and have had to uninstall Swype as it was happening far too frequently.

    Where the Swype keyboard was there is a grey rectangle and there's nothing that can be done on that screen to get the keyboard present. Either kill the task, Safari / What's App etc. Or re-start the phone.

    In the meantime I am using Gboard.

    Please fix this soon.

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    are you guys using multiple keyboards? for example this happens to me, but i am using swype and the apple japanese keyboard. when i disable the japanese keyboard this doesn't happen. not really a fix, but i dunno...

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    The same here especially with WahtsApp and Money Pro


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    Same problem here... Can't really find a link between an app and not popping up.
    Actually it does pop up, but just a gray area without keys in my case


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    Same problem here. Shame cause swype was very nice on my iPhone 7. Now I have disabled it

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    This wasn't a problem for me until today, when I upgraded to iOS 10.2. Most apps work fine, but the URL bar in Safari gives me the grey box It's probably Apple's fault but I thought you should know.

    Removing all the other keyboards except Swype seems to have fixed it, at least for now...

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    Same here on 10.2.

    When I'm on Whatsapp, the grey box appears now and then. Closing the keyboard by swyping down, and opening it again by swyping up sometimes lets the Swype keyboard appear again.
    Sometimes I have to close and open the keyboard several times (3, or even 5 times) before the keyboard appears again.
    Very frustrating indeed! Hope there's a fix anytime soon. Right now I deleted the other Apple keyboards, let's see if that's a solution.
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