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Thread: Wrongly changes "in" (inc swype to spacebar) to "I" (which doesn't need space)

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    Wrongly changes "in" (inc swype to spacebar) to "I" (which doesn't need space)

    Swype seems to constantly autocorrect "in" (I to N to spacebar) to "I" (which should/could be a single tap on "I")
    with no apparent way to stop this. Using the swype to spacebar method for "I" would go through "N" pretty much
    every time so there seems like no way to differentiate if you're using the swype method for "I".. which seems
    unnecessary, as for all single letter words. Please can you add an option to switch off autocorrect suggestions for
    I? Arguably this isn't an issue for "A" unless you're trying to type "Ax".

    Thanks. v2.2.3.2020310.45082 android N nexus 5x stock, UK English.

    Also IDK if it's just me but this box doesn't automatically word wrap which seems pretty rubbish, can that be enabled?

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    I have the same issue. A definite swipe between letters, so it shouldn't be hard to distinguish from tapping "I".

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    "I" vs "in"

    Yes! Same here. Happens way too often and annoys me every time.

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    I understand that one might want to write the word "I" (which requires capitalizacion and could use a space) by swiping into spacebar, but right now Swype is way, way too sensitive towards "I" and too little towards "in". It certainly needs better calibration.

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