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Thread: Swype switches to number keypad and becomes unresponsive

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    Angry Swype switches to number keypad and becomes unresponsive

    I have been a fan of Swype for a long time, but it feel like the product is degrading.
    Most recently, I have an issue where at least once a week, for no reason, the keyboard switches to the number keypad and gets stuck there, won't switch back to alpha, and won't allow switching to another keyboard.
    Which means I have to restart my phone, because nothing else works.

    Please help. And thank you.

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    This happens to me too. It's happened more recently -- like almost every day.

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    This is happening daily. Am I posting in the wrong forum? Any acknowledgment or suggestions from the dev?

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    Same here

    I have been encountering this problem for some thine . Now it's happening a few times a week. I used to love Swyp. Now I spend all my time either correcting bizarre word changes (For example, it'll print the right word, only to change it after typing a few more words) or rebooting it because it's frozen on the number keyboard. Come on guys. This is terrible R&D. Terrible customer service. Inexcusable that you haves not addressed this. It should be improving. Not turning to garbage. I mean, boiiiii response from devs at all?

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