I know it's not Swype's fault that they can't include a microphone button, It's Apple's fault. They won't allow keyboard extensions to access the microphone.

And its beginning to seem pretty clear that Apple is probably never going to change their policy about this.

For people like me, who use voice input *a lot* AND *really* like using Swype, this is not good.

But here's one fairly simple change that Swype could make that would improve things dramatically:

Allow a tap on the Swype button (the pointing finger with the little Swype line) to take you to the Next Keyboard.

Right now when I want to switch from Swype back to the default keyboard to use voice input, I have to a) press and hold the Swype button, then b) select Next Keyboard from a tiny pop-up menu. This may not seem like much effort, but if you go back and forth a lot, it really is.

IN FACT, THIS ONE THING HAS KEPT ME FROM USING SWYPE, even though I really, really like it (and have in fact used it for years on other devices, dating back to Tablet PC's)..

I believe this is actually a pretty simple software change (as software changes go), and it would not change the way it works for people who are used to it: pressing and holding the button would still pop up the menu so you could get to the other options. (If you thought it might be confusing, it could of course be made an option.)

It would also bring Swype more in line with how most keyboard extensions work (tapping the button takes you to the next keyboard).

Please, please consider this. I really want to use Swype.