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Thread: What's happening with the dictionary? So many useless autocorrects

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    Angry What's happening with the dictionary? So many useless autocorrects

    I feel like my dictionary is being sync'd with a 10 year old kid. I barely recognize some of the suggestions now and spend way too much time 'fixing' the dictionary by deleting things (like people names I've never heard before). I've cleared all custom dictionary entries and ensured my dictionary is not a "live dictionary" for this exact reason.

    What makes more sense:
    1) fill the dictionary with a bunch of useless acronyms / names / etc that I've never added?
    2) make a "minimalist EN dictionary" that has, say, 1000 words only. Dropping anything that is obscure and clearly not useful to most of us. Then, I can add my own on-demand anyway.
    --- heck, this could be a setting inside of each dictionary. "Use only the top N words from this dictionary (default 1000)".

    It's frustrating to the point of me considering dropping Swype and just using the Google Keyboard. ... I hate the thought of that.

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    Angry still pissing me off

    I just came back to this forums to see if others are having the same issue. I search. And come across my own complaint all to see it being ignored. yay!
    PS - I typed this on my computer because if I used Swype it would be full of words/names that would result in utter gibberish ... fail!!!!

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