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    Why is it that almost every single time I change the keyboard from alpha to numbers, it corrects the last word I spelled? Literally 90% of the time. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and is driving me crazy.
    Can you please fix this? It's something that started happening in 1.6.3906, the version I now have.

    For example, type something where you want to end with a question mark. As soon as you change from letters to numbers, the last word is auto-corrected - typically to something that makes zero sense.

    Thanks in advance, Andre

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    I'm having a similar problem on Android. Auto correct off, but words change randomly. New problem in the latest release.

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    I'm having same problem, with autocorrect off, and having just typed a word, switching to numbers and punctuation then it sometimes automatically changes the word

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    Looks like this same bug was also reported here under a different name

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