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Thread: Long term Swype user frustrated with non-words in dictionary

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    Exclamation Long term Swype user frustrated with non-words in dictionary

    I have used Swype for years, I don't even know how many, but likely well over 5 years. I loved it ever since I started using it, but something has changed in the last year or so since I updated my version. The dictionary has been inundated with non-words, yet frustratingly I have to add in actual words, like "tropic," "gusts," and, "indubitably."

    To be clear, I don't care about adding words, but the prevalence of non-words makes swyping highly inconvenient and frustrating. Not to be snippy, but do you even use this keyboard yourselves? Because, you would certainly have noticed this long ago.

    I got a new phone months ago, so had to re-download Swype and lost my progress with deleted words, but I've been deleting ever since, and I type a LOT. If I see a word that brings up multiple ridiculous suggestions, I'll keep typing it and deleting until they're all gone. Yet still my dictionary is infested. For example, as I've typed thus far, any ridiculous suggestion that came up, I copied below:

    Ling tem Tenn Dixon's jibe Jove userid Inouye Kant Pirelli poder ity Sondheim Jax tbd Uttar yat y'at UAE Ulster bab Baan Yeager Epps Gifford Cree Tyner Pendleton mot Mott Bessie Todd's Lin Linn Lomb Locke Fossella ama Briggs Mollie Molly's Kell Kel Kiel Lyell Anand Unger Unum wud yurt dil Rossville Dar Roddick Dodson

    Perhaps looking at this list you can see my progress through this post, perhaps you cannot. I did not intentionally capitalize anything, which means most of those are names. Names I've never heard of and will never use.

    Also, importantly, I have "Living Language" turned off, so I am not having weird words added from social media.

    I have tried other keyboards but even aside from this major problem I do still prefer the fluidity of Swype.

    Perhaps you can add a feature of "Basic Dictionary" just featuring normal words, that users will then simply add words, names, and acronyms they frequently use?

    Please consider this input, the dictionary spam is killing me, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I look forward to positive changes!

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    Agreed. The most random words are in this dictionary sometimes.

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    I'm about fed up, it's so cumbersome to try and type in this keyboard anymore, I may start shopping around for a new one, much as I hate to say it.

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    Update: switched my keyboard to my phone's default LG keyboard, and am finding it much faster and more convenient to type with. It of course has "path input," so can swipe as I normally do but without all the crap nonsensical words. Sorry Swype.

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    yes i do

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    Agreed. I just want the top N actual words available. No freaky spelled names. If your parents don't know how to spell, don't put that crap in my phone. Things like "Arrin", or whatever just piss me off. I'm switching to the Google keyboard for a while.

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    I have been using Google KB myself for a while now, and it's been decent, definitely an improvement. I was just updating apps and checked the recent swype reviews to see if the dictionary was fixed, and seems like it isn't?

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    i totally agree. The proper names ruin what used to be a great experience. I used to marvel at the programming skill that could let me quickly and sloppily swipe "my word", missing half the letters, yet get my word so often.

    If Swype did NOT get my word, it would USUALLY show up in the "close match" area. This happened way too often to be believable, yet it happened.

    Not so with version 3. So I have just uninstalled 3.2 and have been typing this with 2.2.3. WONDERFUL. Like old times. Proper names still show up, but not as often. When one does show up, the close match row generally has my word.

    I found a link to the file named «Swype2.2.3.apk» in this forum. Download it, click it, and install it. However, I don't recall the thread, but look for it. It's worth it. You can find it easily with Google, but I'd only trust this site.

    When I try to type "a", the close match area still has all letters near "a" and I almost always still get "s". Why in hell would anyone think THAT is a good idea?

    Worse, you can't get an independent row of numbers, but the file contains keyboards with the digits as superscripts of qwertyuiop. I hate that, but I can live with that since 3.2 is so bad.

    Version 3 simply does NOT WORK AS WELL AS 2.2.3. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    I'd forgotten how I'd almost always blame myself when I didn't get my word. That's how good Swype used to be.

    With 3.2, so danged many ridiculous words and non-words are inserted that I KNOW it can't be me. And the longer I use 2.2.3, I realize it's NOT ME making all those errors in 3.2--IT'S SWYPE!

    I'm not going to reinstall 3.x for any value of x. Maybe 4.x, in about 2020.

    Now, having said all that, I wonder if I'm "lying" and wind up reinstalling 3.2 because 2.2.3 turns out to not be as good. Honesty, I doubt that is possible.

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