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Thread: Lacking words in dictionary

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    Angry Lacking words in dictionary


    after using Swype for more than 6 months I'm still adding basic words into the Swype's dictionary.
    Each conversation either via text or messanger ends up with adding two or more words into the local dictionary...
    The words are not especially exotic or seldom used ones... also there is a lot of missing flections for words that are in there.

    Can we somehow address this? It's taxing to say the least... Swiftkey has larger dictionary but the rest sucks compared to Swype


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    Lacking words in dictionary

    Thats sure its no use for grammar but I think theres still a lot of good words if I want to check quickly some certain word. But Id be glad to know if there is some better way to do that. If the Hisweloke Sindarin Dictionary is the same, it wont be any better then.

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