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Thread: Changes "U" to "I" and vice versa, it makes me nuts!

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    Changes "U" to "I" and vice versa, it makes me nuts!

    For over a year now, I've been going insane with swype automatically changing "U" (short for "you") to "I". I've emailed them many times, as there seems to be no way to turn this off. I have all auto-correction disabled. They suggested to me that I remove "I" from the dictionary each time it does this, but it doesn't work. It causes allot of confusion in my text messages. Does anyone else find this maddening?

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    Android or iOS? Select U in the selection box and Swype should learn. I've had the opposite problem, Swype kept changing I to U.

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    Yes, I uninstalled Swype because of it

    I use Swiftkey now. It IS super annoying! You send a message and then realize it doesn't make any sense. I also searched all over for a fix without luck.

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    Selecting U doesn't work, it doesn't learn, or maybe it learns for that exact combination of words, but it does it constantly. Android BTW. Why can't it just NOT MAKE ANY CORRECTIONS on it's own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've had a similar problem, and I realized that it's because I don't always judge correctly where my finger is touching the keyboard. From above I see the whole width of my finger, but at the keyboard only a small part of it is making contact. I've found that the way I usually hold the Android, the contact is somewhat to the right of what looks to me like the center of my fingertip, so I adjust for that. Another trick is to use my pinkie, the smallest finger.
    And right now I'm Swyping with a corner of my fingernail, so the contact area is even smaller and easier to control.

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