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Thread: Punctuation changes previous word

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    Punctuation changes previous word

    One thing I have noticed since updating to iOS 9.1 is when I am typing, and I need to use punctuation like "!" or "?", the word before it changes! For instance if I type "What time do you play" and then go to add a question mark, it changes the word "play" so something else, for me it changed it to "pls". This happens ALOT.

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    Yes, I've been experiencing this too! Just today, I was trying to type "It's better than nothing!" and after I typed (swyped) "nothing," I went to add the exclamation point. As soon as I toggled to the screen with punctuation, Swype inexplicably changed the word "nothing" to "birthing."

    This is extremely annoying because I have to be hyper-vigilant about what I type to avoid sending embarrassing mistypes. I have Swype set to NOT auto-correct for this reason, and yet it somehow started doing this weird auto-correct during punctuation just recently.

    Any explanation for this?!

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    This bug is really ANNOYING...
    Sent huge count of silly phrases because of this issue.
    Please fix it asap

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    It's been 4 months and no update on the app.

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    I just want to clarify, to any Swype staff reading -- this isn't something where it doesn't recognize the word you tried to type, so it auto-corrects to a known word ... it accepts the word as initially swyped, but then the addition of a punctuation mark changes it. Just now, I was typing to someone "What was his first name?" It recognized "name" just fine, but then when I went to add the ?, it changed "name" to "band". WHY?? Name is a perfectly common word, which makes sense with the previous word ("first"), so why on earth does adding a ? make it think it should be "band"??

    Please address this bug! It's the one thing about Swype that makes me not want to use it, because I have this issue multiple times a day with very common words.

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    Same here. I've also observed the it happens almost Always when you switch to Russian language. At first I thought that it's language-specific problem, but later realised that it's the case of English layout as well.

    Swype team, please fix this bug ASAP, this is the most annoying thing. It's really hard to recognize that a word was changed, while you're typing fast. And even if you notice that, it takes too many taps to fix it (in the end, making input with swype keyboard slower than with the standard one)

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    The new version is there, in AppStore, but the issue still exists. Are you ever going to fix this irritating bug??

    If I had a chance to export/import my personal dictionary into another keyboard, I would already give up using this unsupported software....

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    Same problem here, very annoying. I've got autocorrect off completely and it still does it

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    by the way, an easier way is swype from Z to space for exclamation and M to space for question mark. swyping from comma to the spacebar also automatically adds a space after the comma

    of course if you knew this and use the punctuation panel out of habit that's ok, just an fyi

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    I came here to report this same bug. This is soooo frustrating. I cannot comprehend why pressing the "?123" button would have any impact on the word being typed. The Z->Sp and M->Sp shortcuts are good to know, but that only handles those two characters.

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