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Thread: Editable Personal Dictionary

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    Editable Personal Dictionary

    I'm new to Swype, and I really like it. Yes, I know you can add and delete words in your personal word list, but the way you add and delete them and other abbreviations in the Personal Dictionary was a little confusing at first (I get it now...) but still, wouldn't it be better, easier, and more user friendly to be able to EDIT the list in your Personal Dictionary, while you're looking at it as well?? Clicking a "+" to add and, maybe, swiping to delete (with confirmation). The way it is now is just okay, and a bit clunky. Having an editable list seems a bit more sophisticated. I would like to have it both ways - the way it is now but also with the option to review your list and remove or correct misspellings, or whatever, and add words you know you'll be using without having to "fake" a message just to get those words in your list. What do you all think? Am I the only one who thinks this would be an obvious improvement? Thank you - I'll take your answers off the air.
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    Totally agree

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    I'm New and I agree... and why did swipe capitalize "new" when I did not Swype a cap?

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    Delete Swype dictionary

    How do you delete the whole dictionary? I spend a lot of time correcting words, a lot of them proper nouns, and a lot of words I've never heard of...I'd like to make my own dictionary by starting from scratch, so how do I do that? I've seen this request before but seems like it always falls on deaf ears. I mean if you can delete one word from the Swype dictionary why can't you delete all of them? I've used Swype for almost 5 years now and I've always known that erasing the dictionary is the ultimate solution to fix it. But nobody knows anything about it and administrators never address this known issue. Please please please allow us to get rid of the whole Swype dictionary and allow us to create our own personal dictionary without all the bs words that Swype forces us to look at!!!

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