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Thread: Setup Swype on TapATalk - How?

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    Unhappy Setup Swype on TapATalk - How?

    From the Swype site, I tapped the Menu symbol, selected Forums, was referred to forums.Swype.com via Tapatalk, went to Tapatalk, failed to find either Swype or the url from Tapatalk, logged onto Swype Forums from main site and failed to find directions for setting up the connection properly, Forum Search showed numerous posts from Tapatalk along with some issues with the API a few years ago and a few behavioural problems.

    I HAVE looked! Is someone able / willing to provide directions on how to access the Swype Forums from Tapatalk? Is that no longer supported for new connections?

    Thank you for your attention
    Last edited by PaulSwy1; 08-16-2015 at 6:41 AM. Reason: Wrong OS, I was on board for Android when I started this.

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