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Thread: Too many characters under one key

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    Too many characters under one key

    While I am writing without swyping, I find it difficult to find some polish characters among others under one key, so writing takes a lot more time.
    For example, when I'm trying to type the polish letter 'ę' I need to find it among '', '', '', '', 'ē', 'ė', 'ě', '', '' and 'ə', while I never use almost any of them - polish language does not contain these letters.
    What I'm suggesting is to remove those unused characters and leave only polish ones: 'ą', 'ę', '', 'ś', 'ł', 'ź', 'ż', 'ć', 'ń' and some useful ones like '' and '', or at least move the polish chars near the normal character (i.e. letter ł is on the other end from letter l).
    Thank you in advance.

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    +1 for showing only relevant accented characters

    I have the same problem with Czech language. Too many irrelevant accented characters make it too difficult to find those that are actually usable.


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    I subscribe for this request and agree totally. I recently shifted from swift keybord and have a feeling, that typing is much easer (better dictionary, better learning skills, excelent voice recognition - in comparison to Google's). The only disadvantage is this case with too many accent characters. Is there any way to validate our request and make it possible to be acknowledged by Swype ??? Just do it like they do it in swift... :-)

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