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Thread: My ideal Swype ( quick mockup )

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    Lightbulb My ideal Swype ( quick mockup )

    1. Dedicated smiley button
    2. Dedicated return key button
    3. Dedicated row of numbers
    4. More symbols in front of you

    Here a quick mockup :

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    That's a cool mock up... though mine would be a bit different.

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    I like your mockup, It gives the keys more room GREAT,

    My added suggestions would be:

    1) Optionally eliminate the Number row, with them as "?123" drag or Long Hold actions.
    2) Put the Return in place of the Smiley key, and allow me to get to the Smiley key with a Long Hold on the "?123"
    or some other action.
    (perhaps you can use the half keys on the Left of "a" and Right of "l" to provide extra less frequent operations?)

    3) As I use the "," and "." often, I might also like to optionally make them larger. perhaps 1.5 times as wide.

    But Great job. Thanks

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    I like it.

    Some of the other keyboards allow the number keys to be a little smaller than the others.

    Also please make sure that the actual swype gestures ignore the numbers or this is going to be impossible to use.

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    One of the above replies reminds me to remind folks that surrounding a word with "___" quotes is only for dialogue...for emphasis, as in the above example, just use '___'...just sayin'...!!!

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