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Thread: Does Swype predictive text get worse the longer you use it?

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    Does Swype predictive text get worse the longer you use it?

    I've been using swipe since I got my iPhone 6. It seems like as time goes on, it is getting worse and worse at predicting my words. The motion from z to space bar used to create an exclamation point but now it is just giving me a space followed by the letter a. I will watch the line as it connects the letters to spell a word and it will still produce the wrong word or capitalization will be screwed up and it will start predicting numbers when I didn't type any numbers.

    My biggest frustration is that when I have the correct word entered and as I continue spelling, swype will go back and change a word that was correct into something totally wrong. I really do like swype as it is a total time saver when texting......or I should say WAS a total time saver when texting. I've been so tempted to just delete swype all together as I'm starting to spend more time correcting, re-correcting and then re-correcting again and again words that swype has predicted wrong or that was originally correct but swype went back and changed it to something completely wrong. I understand that it is supposed to use your texting patterns and predict based on that but it is honestly getting worse.

    Is anyone else having the same problems and frustrations? That swype originally worked wonderfully but with continued use it is getting worse at predicting? I honestly think swype needs to go back to the programming "drawing board" and work on the algorithms that they use to predict.

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    I find that my Swype seems to learn my style quite well. For example, my phone password, I can pretty much enter it without looking at the screen when the phone is locked. I can be pretty sloppy and quite fast when swyping, but it produces pretty good results. If you use "Auto-Correct", then yes, sometimes it will turn a word you wanted, into another word, if that word wasn't in the dictionary and you don't add it. But, if you add word, next time it won't change it on you.

    One thing I have noticed, and I don't quite know where this falls into, but on other keyboards, and if I recall, on my original Swype which came installed on this GS4, I could have entire email addresses offered in the predictions. But now/currently, I can only get it to save/suggest the name@address but it won't keep/save/add/suggest name@address.com so I am having to either type entire address every time, or take suggested on and add dot-domain onto it. For me this is a pain, as my email address is a 15-digit string of numbers. Used to be, (when I'm at a text field which wants an email address) I press the first digit and my whole @address would be suggested. Now, I usually have to type the entire thing in. Same with my work address: used to be, I press "T" and the whole address was suggested; now/currently, I am offered name@email or nothing at all, so again I type it in manually, or one piece at a time from suggested pieces.
    Also, predictive text used to save and offer "#99" in my suggestions, but now it doesn't. Every day after work, I send an email to my office from home, with the exact same subject line. So before, when I opened email app to compose and I am in the SUBJECT field, I would press "D" and it would offer that first word, "Daily"... I select "Daily" and it offers "Report", etc.. And the last item of subject line is "#99" (my company vehicle number) -- which predictive USED to offer me, but no more it does. If I omit the # symbol, still it doesn't offer me "99"... either. So, I guess prediction and/or dictionary currently doesn't preserve whole email addresses, or numeric/symbolic text other than smilies.
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    I've noticed same thing. The other huge annoyance is the word have. For some reason every time I swipe it, it comes out as habe.

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    It could be better to begin with! I wrote a database Swype would do well to incorporate into their database. It's phonetic and works better than Swype's current methodology. Here's the letter i sent them in 2011 when "American Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary" was created.

    I was hoping to appeal to you Linguistics team with some hard-core facts concerning why a phonetic database would be faster, more efficient and user-friendly than the current ISO codes allow for in Swype's spell checking capabilities.

    When a dyslexic or ESL or challenged speller Swype's in brak, Swype's choices are "break, beak, vral, beal, brisk, neal, veal". But all they did was leave out the 'e' in the word they meant....brake.
    If the phonetic database was included, the results would be "break, brake, beak, kneel, veal" which are all REAL words, not the goofy results above.

    Another example:
    Type in ordurvs (phonetic for hors d'oevres) Swype results are: outsources, prices, produces, prefixes, ourselves, oeuvres, outdoors, produced.
    With fat fingers they will get the results: previous, prins, outdoors, profs, orioles, primes, politics, portions

    The phonetic spellchecker results = hors d'oevres.

    To include Swype results along with the phonetic results = hors d'oevres

    Why is 'outdoors' one of the results when hors d'oevres isn't? Outdoors is not even close...neither is produced, profs, politics, portions, prefixes, etc.
    No matter how fat their fingers are.

    p o i j k l / e d f t / d e r f s c / u i o p k l / t r e d f g / c f g b v / q w e a s d z x
    o r d u r v s

    We have compared and piloted our spellchecker against everything that exists on the market and phonetic searches result in the fewest, most logical choices that don't get people frustrated or make them laugh. The only reason we are appealing to Swype is because our customers are begging to see this phonetic spellchecker on a text based phone application. We have developed it for a computer and are in due process with both Apple and Microsoft for that. But Swype is the solution to the challenged spellers' dilemma on the phones and it would improve Swype's results as well. We would like to run a Beta with this.

    Please forward this to your Linguistics team.

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    You don't really want "hors d'oevres" either, but "hors d'oeuvres", with a U as well.

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