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Thread: Forums are NOT good communication chsnnels

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    Lightbulb Forums are NOT good communication chsnnels

    As I Address below, you should have an email address available, not Forums, for suggestions. Capitol F brought to you by Swype- again, keep reading:
    Swype issues:
    I know this going to sound like a rant, but I seriously believe your product is just shy of awesome. Worse, by being so close, it's like an glimpse into the future, but it seems like you don't use your product enough to know that these aren't just annoyances, they are a distant look into the future. Further, by using a forum instead of suggestion/ Tech support email, it's like a closed door instead of a glimpses. By the way, Swype randomly added the capitol T in Tech, added the unneeded space after the / and I had to type in the word glimpse because Swype wouldn't even offer out up as an option when I swyped it nor did it ask if I wanted to add it to my personal dictionary after I typed it in. Please read these suggestions as if I were begging you to consider them- which I am. Don't make 90% of the perfect keyboard:
    Randomly capitalizes.
    Puts a space after a slash. If Swype can backspace automatically when you type in a backslash, it should know to backspace after adding a slash
    Doesn't put a space after selecting an auto-fill name in Facebook.
    Randomly capitalizes (so annoying, it gets mentioned twice).
    Really hard to distinguish between words along same Swype path like our/ or and what's worse, doesn't seem to recognize how much it shows a user down to read everything being typed to know whether it typed or or our.
    Won't type 'type' until you Peck it in (demonstrating the crazy random capitalization with Peck (there, it did it again). Maybe they wanted me to use Swype?
    Although it is marginally faster to use Swype and then go back and correct swypos than using the Apple keyboard, I wished I could hover over the 'u' to get it to distinguish our from or rather than make me read along as I type or fix it later. Maybe there's a way and I am just not privy to the trick?
    I an email field, Swype should change to a type only option or turn off Auto fill/ auto-correct and put the ampersand on the top level. For password fields, Swype should turn off Auto fill/ auto-correct and/ or switch to the Apple keyboard quickly and then switch itself back on.
    You can't add words to the personal dictionary so that if you aren't asked to add it-you can't. In the forums Swype suggests you use the Apple keyboard shortcuts as a solution, but Swype only recognizes about half of my shortcuts.
    It takes too long to switch between keyboards in Swype. For Apple and others, you can quickly press and hold the keyboard button to switch between keyboards. Since Swype doesn't recognize when it's in an email or password field, it's infuriating to try to use Swype, but just as infuriating to take all the steps Swype requires to get to a keyboard that will actually let you put in an email or password without auto-filling the wrong characters.
    You can't put in spaces at the beginning of a paragraph because Swype always adds a period instead if only adding a period after two space bars at the end of a sentence. I checked, the Apple keyboard makes the distinction.
    Why in the heck are the Swype and number keys opposite of the Apple keyboard? Is this some sort of foul joke to trip your users and make them want to avoid using your keyboard or do you not realize your brain automatically looks for shortcuts and by swapping them you are building in failure?
    Randomly capitalizes. Needs to be mentioned three times. I tried dropping my finger up to avoid it and away from the u in our to avoid it using our instead of or but you can't trick Swype without it choosing the wrong word altogether.

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    YOu naIled it. I encounter all of these things sUper frequently!!

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    Good points - swype is so good, and I keep recommending it but particularly on iOS, it's a dick to use.
    I've been trying to figure out how to make it remember my email address.

    I'm not talking about it thinking I'd want a space after the @ symbol, and before ".com", so I have to correct it each time.
    Nor that if I go to the trouble of typing out the word one letter at a time, it's pretty bloody unlikely I'd want it to "correct" it
    to something other than what I've just specifically typed out!

    No tapping or double-tapping the Swype key did anything - thanks, Swype support for sending me to forums to waste my time
    trying all the dead-ends suggested by equally puzzled users.

    Finally, I just got it to learn the bit before the @ symbol.
    I don't know what it did differently.
    Then it even gave me the option to add the whole email address - only after I'd given up - taking the micky!
    It felt at that point like it was trying to wind me up.

    If a function isn't triggered intuitively (by most people - not a programmer who knows how to trick it), then just
    make it idiot proof in the menu system, or have instructions.

    Leaving the community to write masses of questions and guesses is not the way to manage the usage of what could be
    the next "one in every device".

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    Swype is a sideline for Nuance. They bought it to improve Dragon.

    Swyped from my LG G4 with Tapatalk 4.5.2

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