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Thread: Save and backup from dictionary and other

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    Save and backup from dictionary and other


    There is an important thing missed in this keyboard and it is the possibility of exporting and importing the dictionary to make a proper backup. I am missing that and another thing. In android version of the program you could go from the swype button to c for copying text and from the swype button to v for pasting text... I am missing this issue too.
    Do you plan to add this issues en future version of the program, I will be pleased if you do so,
    Many thanks

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    No replies in one week... so may I understand that there are no any plans to make a backup from the personal dictionary in the future??
    The same with swype button + c = copy??
    thanks for any response.


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    Hi Alvaro,

    As you mentioned, we support Backup & Sync on Android as well as the copy/paste gestures. In general, we are looking to add features that our users love from Android to Swype on iOS wherever possible.

    For copy/paste. Right now, we are not able to implement these (on iOS) as they are not supported on iOS in the same way that they are in Android. We'd like to see these gestures on iOS in the future, but that depends on a couple of different things happening first. Still, we are working on making this a possibility.

    Regarding Backup & Sync: we are looking into adding this feature on iOS. We'd be thrilled to bring users on iOS the ability to Backup their words to the cloud.


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    I'd also be thrilled to be able to backup and restore my dictionary!! Please add it asap.

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    Agreed on the backup. The thought of starting from scratch with my dictionary when I change phones is not a good one.

    Thanks, Brian

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    I'd love to see this feature too. I have a massive user dictionary in MS Word and would like to import it to Swype.

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