How do I change my theme?

To change your theme, go to Swype Settings (press and hold the Swype key and select the settings icon) > select “Themes” > choose your favorite theme.

Why am I not able to use Voice Dictation on Swype Keyboard?

We would love to provide users the ability to use our voice dictation, but currently the microphone is not available for keyboard extensions in iOS 8.

Do I need to enable “Full Access” for Swype?

No. You only need to enable “Full Access” if you have “Guided Access” turned on. If “Guided Access” is not turned on, you can keep “Full Access” off and still enjoy all of Swype’s features.

What additional data does Swype collect if I enable "Full Access"?

Swype does not collect any additional data if you enable “Full Access”.

What data does the Swype Keyboard for iOS collect and how is it used?

Currently the data we collect is only stored in the Swype Keyboard on your device. When you use the Swype Keyboard we analyze your use of language and create a personal language model to improve our recognition of your words. You can delete your personal language model (including all the the words you’ve added to your Personal Dictionary) by going into Swype Settings > Personal Dictionary > Tap the trash can icon.