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Thread: Empty Dictionary suggestion

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    Empty Dictionary suggestion

    Since the linguistic admin state their section is only for pre-installed Swype customers, I'll try first to post my request here:

    It would probably be another 50 years before any one will support my home language, Afrikaans, so a much easier request would be for swype to provide the option of an empty (blank) dictionary where you can teach it from scratch your own language of preference.

    Such action by the swype team would cost next to nothing compared to developing support for a new language, and it will please a lot of minority groups who's languages is always overlooked by the English speaking world.

    Currently I've taught Afrikaans to the English swype dictionary to a functional level, but the English suggestions sometimes spoil the otherwise good experience.

    I sincerely hope the swype development team would regard my request as reasonable.

    Cheers from South Africa

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    i'm quoting your post in a new thread in linguistics.

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    Thanks Farcry7, anything that could possibly raise awareness is appreciated. Regards.

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    Angry Laziest Dictionary Ever

    I find it deeply upsetting that the creators find it reasonable to throw in one big fat irrelevant dictionary into such a clever program.

    1. There should be an option to take out all proper nouns. Seriously when I try to type the word "hey" I shouldn't see Gerry, Gerri, Jewry, etc... It is easy enough to import facebook friend names after. Igor? Schiavo? McHugh? WHYYY?

    2. Do they even consider the words that are put in here? This application is completely redundant if there are too many words. I only want commonly used words. Anything else I can add myself.

    3. To be honest I would prefer to start my dictionary from scratch. It would be far more efficient than deleting 1000s of words useless to text communication.

    Please tell me there is an option to start with a blank or supremely basic dictionary.

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    Allow us to completely wipe the Swype dictionary.

    Please give us the option to completely wipe the Swype dictionary so we can "teach" Swype only the words that we use.

    I'm not talking about the user dictionary. I'm talking about the actual dictionary that is already programmed into Swype. If we could wipe the entire thing and start from scratch, it would only learn words that we use regularly. It's very annoying when I'm Swyping and a simple common word keeps coming up as a word that I have never used in my life, or even worse, a random name.

    Of course this option should not wipe every day words like "and, the, or, who, what, why" etc. The user would have to type normally for a while until Swype learns their vocabulary, but I think it would result in a much more accurate Swyping experience that is customized to the user's vocabulary range.

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    Hi AllenSam,

    Interesting idea. I've gone ahead and merged your thread with an existing one on the same topic.


    PS: For what it's worth Afrikaans is available as a language now.

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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm also after a blank dictionary because there are so many words that I never use and never will (particularly names of people) which make it harder to target the word you're actually after. Has anyone figured out a way to start with a blank dictionary that you build up as you go yet?

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    I absurdly (I Swyped absolutely and got absurdly as the primary word and then these other ridiculous choices: absolutist, assuredly, ambiguously and assiduously plus another 7 choices which were simpler words but not
    even close) agree that a simple, and I mean very simple dictionary should be given as an option or no dictionary at all. After sweeping (I swyped 'swyping' and it's not even in their f'ing dictionary!!!) and say, 15 word text
    it's not uncommon to have to fix at least 4-5 words many of which are proper names or just plain absurd words that nobody ever uses. Do the developers realize that people intentionally use
    simple words in texts? Nobody is trying to write a manuscript for the New Yorker magazine for Christ's sake!!!

    Now maybe there is an option for a simpler dictionary but I haven't heard about it...if anyone knows, please let me know!!

    Next problem with a recent update of theirs is that the addition of all those f'ing emojis, for some reason, it won't populate email addresses anymore...WTF!!!

    People have been complaining about the 'stupid word' problem for years now but nothing changes...I'll bet the developers all use iPhones or a standard keyboard so wtf would they know about what we're talking about!!!

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