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Thread: Some key missing characters (, , , , , and )

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    Some key missing characters (, , , , , and )

    Being an editor, I am a bit picky about using characters correctly. It is therefore quite frustrating to be unable to use proper dashes and quotes. As far as I know, there is currently no way to input the following characters:
    • (Em Dash)
    • (En Dash)
    • (Left Double Smart Quote)
    • (Right Double Smart Quote)
    • (Left Single Smart Quote)
    • (Right Single Smart Quote)

    If I am mistaken and these are currently available, great! Where can I find them? Otherwise, it should be very easy to just add these to the corresponding long press menus.

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    hold down L for a long time and it'll give you a menu for the left and right double quote.
    can't see left/right single quote.
    there's a dash above the , but it may not be the one you're after. (maybe technically a minus sign

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    Thanks, but those aren't the proper characters. Well, technically the right double quote is, but it doesn't do much good without the corresponding left double quote. The one added on the long press menu is actually a low double quote—the following character that looks more like a double comma: „

    I've never actually seen one of those used, and I can't imagine why it is there instead of the standard left double quote. Is this perhaps a bug? Was that supposed to be a left double quote?

    As for the dash, the one available is just a hyphen, which is incorrect to use for almost anything other than hyphenated words. The minus sign is technically another character yet, although it is relatively accepted to use the hyphen as a substitute. It is inexcusable, however, to use a hyphen in place of an em or en dash, at least in formal writing.

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    Line break is also a key missing character, during messaging (and possibly some other) apps.

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    Not sure what you mean by that. We have an enter (return) key.

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    I agree with you.As far as I know, there is no way to input them.

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