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Thread: Unable to download other apps when SWYPE working

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    Unable to download other apps when SWYPE working

    I'm using a GARMINFONE with Android firmware 2.1 update1, version 5.0.70 on a T-mobile network. Am able to sucessfully install and use SWYPE, but i've noticed that when I attempt to download other application from the apps store I get an unable to download error. When I uninstalled SWYPE I was able to download with no problem. Once I installed the latest SWYPE version 14870 with SWYPE installer version 13 I was again unable to download any other apps. Can I temporarily inactivate SWYPE without installing to see if I can get apps downloading working?



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    Try going to appbrain.com app market. I like it better than andriod market, you can browse and add apps to list online from pc or laptop unlike android market then download them on your phone later. I just find it easier. Hope this helps.

    You should be able to go through settings/language & keyboards/enable keyboards to change back and forth between keyboards.
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