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Thread: "Enter" button instead of "Smile"

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    Always have an 'Enter' button

    An 'Enter' button needs to be available in all typing modes, especially in email/gmail applications on Android 1.6. It may not be used as much in text, but line spacing in email is VERY common, and I can't do it with Swype.

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    migr12998387 Guest

    Re: Always have an 'Enter' button

    I agree, it is very annoying not to be able to enter a line break in the textbox of gmail, but there is a return key in the TO field.

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    Re: Always have an 'Enter' button

    Are you using the current public beta of Swype? I am able to compose a new message and enter in line breaks using the Swype Keyboard.

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    Bill Guest

    Re: Always have an 'Enter' button

    The enter key appears in all sorts of places it is not needed, but the one place I need it, gmail, it doesn't. It does work in K9, but I only use that for my secondary email and don't send from it much. It's a pitty.

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    I don't have this issue with gmail but I do with sms (Android 2.1 on an HTC Hero). I used to use carriage returns within sms quite frequently, but Swype won't let me & I am using the current beta.

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    "Enter" button instead of "Smile"

    So i use the enter button


    i just re-updated my swype and now there's no setting to remove the smiley key for an enter key.

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    I use it too but no longer :-(

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    Swype places the enter key or the smiley key on the keyboard based on settings from the app that's currently being used. Can you tell us what app this behavior changed in and what version of Swype the change occurred in? (Also app versions if you can get at those too). We could then look into making an adjustment here in a future release.
    Rob Boehm
    Community Relations & Beta Associate
    rob.boehm [at] swype [dot] com
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    Please note, I will not respond to direct emails and messages for support until I'm able to attend to EVERY post in the forums. Please be patient. Thank you :-)

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    No Enter button on swype


    I have sony experia x8. I have downloaded and installed swype 2.17 (english and spanish) version but the problem is that it doesnt show enter button.

    Instead in its place it shows smileys...argh

    Kindly suggest. i like swype but unavailability if enter button stops me from using swype.


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    There is no need of the Enter button instead you use spacebar/full stop/comma etc. Swype works excellently.
    Anup Singh Phagura

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