View Poll Results: Should Swype have an option to turn off the Smiley Key or replace it with Enter key?

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Thread: "Enter" button instead of "Smile"

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    Can you make that after use one of "smiles" keyboard with letters automatically return?

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    93% in the poll want this. what is taking so long? Swiftkey can do it.

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    Press-hold the smiley and you will see the Enter key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automattox View Post
    Press-hold the smiley and you will see the Enter key.
    No offense, but that isn't even close to a solution.

    The entire point of Swype is that it's faster than a regular keyboard. I've been using Swype since about 2010 (or maybe 2011, if it wasn't out in 2010 - I forget the exact year I started on it) or so, in one form or another (beta, paid, whatever).

    If I want to long click on a key, or take longer to type my messages, I'd use the stock keyboard and be frustrated with all of it's issues. Swype used to be great, because you had a bunch of options that we could choose from, for various functions.

    In the more recent versions, you've killed a lot of the options that were there before, and worse, you have made the return key "context sensitive".

    This wasn't ever an issue I noticed before, since Next SMS (previously Handcent SMS) doesn't call the text entry fields "SMS type" fields, and since I never used the other apps, that have this problem, all too often.

    Now that I've upgraded my phone to the Google Pixel XL, the built-in Messenger app is actually quite good, and it's nice to use the integrated app on the Pixel because the phone is designed with using as many of the stock apps as possible. This is the first time I've used an SMS app that was actually good.

    But now, the context of the text entry field is causing the Return key to disappear. I'm sorry to say, this might actually be enough to cause me to leave Swype. It might sound trivial, but it's not trivial for someone who communicates primarily by text (free unlimited text messages within north america...), and for someone who often sends long messages (hell, look at this post....).

    Please, fix this issue. It is absolutely not a difficult or complicated task, *AT ALL*, to add the option to allow the user to decide what the return key is, or what it is in certain contexts. Ideally, you'd give the user the choice for what button is displayed for EVERY context type, such that we can legitimately customize our keyboard. But instead, it seems like you've taken the way of the typical modern system; basically, you don't trust your users to make intelligent choices regarding what key is shown for what context, and aren't interested in providing tech support to the morons who "accidentally" make the emoji key the default everywhere. So you leave us all screwed with that damned emoji key.

    Please fix it, seriously. (yes, I know this is a long post. this rant has been pent up since the day I got my Pixel and found out my return key had disappeared and, in it's stead, there was a dreaded highschooler emoji key... )

    /end rant (wow, I feel better already)

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