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Thread: Swype Android Beta November 2010 is now as bad as Swype Android Beta Sept 2010

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    Swype Android Beta November 2010 is now as bad as Swype Android Beta Sept 2010

    OK, something is seriously broken.

    I've been using Swype since it was leaked as a apk file.

    September 2010 Swype was broken to the point of uninstall.
    Nov held promise, now it is broken again, same problems as Sept 2010

    1) over aggressive harvesting of words from my contacts
    2) hidden word pop up aggressively appears - I am appalled that Swype team cannot remove it or give us an option to disable, it's almost as if Swype team does not have access to source code!
    3) Cannot delete words harvested from contacts, in fact, the inability to delete now is worse - in sept beta, once you restarted phone or Swype, the word will come back, now, even within the same session, it will come back.

    So, as of now, Swype Nov Beta is again, broken.

    Please fix it, we use it every day.

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    One thing I can be thankful, thank god, thank god, my Swype is not preloaded.

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    Something is wrong with Swype Android Beta Nov 2010!

    Hi I too am having all the same problems I had with Swype Sept update with the November 2010 beta. I'm so disappointed! I am getting random words that don't exist in first place of choices. i'm without capitalization insists on coming back no matter how many times I delete it. All my contacts are again as top choices instead of words! Is there a way to fix this???

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    I'm also finding that my dictionary is packed with nonsense, trash words. Stuff I've never typed in myself. So the hidden word notification is just as bad as it was. I'm also not sure that deleting the word actually deletes anything.

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    Delete your Dalvik cache?

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    For the love of god, can we PLEASE get an option to disable the hidden word dialog all together? Even after the update I'm getting it more and more frequently, even for dictionary words that weren't added (I just got saying the word "test" had hidden other words).

    Until it can be disabled all together, I'm going back to Swiftkey. It may be slower, but at least I'm not overwhelmed with frustration typing a simple message.

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    french is not working anymore after automatic update through samsung kies

    I had a French Swype keyword pre-loaded on my Galaxy S and it worked quite well. I did a usual update of the software of my mobile phone which introduced a new version of Swype which is now locked on English. After reading the forums, it appeared that I had to uninstall the swype application before reinstalling it but it's impossible even afer following the procedure on your website (swype doesn't appear in the downloaded applications list...)... When will it be fixed ? Thank you from Dijon, France !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrObvious View Post
    Delete your Dalvik cache?
    Indeed I have cleared the dalvik cache especially after the mini update for nexus one a couple of days back.

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    How do you clear the dalvik cache? I think in the past I wiped the cache from Manage Applications screen, but that didn't fix it at the time. Do you have to do something else to get the dalvik cache?

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    AGREED!! I typed in the word "putt" the other day and options that came up when you double-tap the word were the following: outre, piotr and pyotr.

    WHY are these in the dictionary?? WHY can't I take them OUT of the dictionary?? I have chosen "English" as my language...what WORLD are these words from!!?? LOL!!

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