Paid for Swype but can't use it now.

Thread: Paid for Swype but can't use it now.

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  1. Loqua Lee said:

    Paid for Swype but can't use it now.

    So I paid for Swype on my old phone, using Google Play. But my new phone can't run Google Play for some silly reason, so I use Amazon.
    I have Swype (+ Dragon) on my phone, but now it's saying I have to pay for it because my trial has run out. I can open Google Play, but it doesn't register my phone as existing so I can't use my Play account to show I've paid for Swype. Of course Amazon doesn't know I've already paid for it either.

    What can I do? I don't want to be paying twice for it, and though I recognise that the Google Play issue isn't Nuances problem, I did still pay through Google Play when it worked for me.

    Thanks heaps,

  2. mcarver2000 said:
    Is your Google account on the new phone the same as the old one? If you use the same account, you should be and to install the paid version from the Play Store.
  3. Loqua Lee said:
    It is the same, however Google Play Store doesn't work at all and it tries to verify that I've paid via Google Play Store, so no that doesn't work

    I can Open Google Play Store, but it doesn't see my new phone as any of the options to install stuff on, therefore doesn't consider anything I've paid for on it. It's really annoying... TBH though the only thing I Really miss is Swype lol
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