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Thread: Add option to display 0-9 row on top of keyboard at all times.

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    +1 as Swype is not really useful for me without it (on a bigger phone/phablet)

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    Please bring the number row and arrows !!!

    I got the note 3 and love swype, but have to admit I will go back to Samsung keyboard because of the lack of number row on top

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    +1 for the numbers row on top with the enable/disable option.

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    Another vote for this feature. Secure passwords are very annoying. I have a Galaxy note 3 which is practically a tablet.
    Please at least provide an update.

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    Row optional numeric keypad

    Hello, not if I Ref understand and I do not speak English, I wanted to know if the option to add a row of numeric keypad as an option to choose from on the menu is contemplated, I find it uncomfortable to hold to add a number or have I go to the numbers and letters then again, I think the best option would be to put the row number and who wants to put them.

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    I love Swype, but this is my #1 gripe about it. Can you please add it as an option.

    There are 10 pages of users commenting on this thread. Please make it happen.

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    Definitely want this option

    I have a Note 2 and love having the row of numbers at the top. I also have a GS3 and a Nexus 7and miss those numbers on those devices. I tried ai.type but that so is horrible. I really would love to see this feature in Swype.

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    Nuance ignoring peoples request?

    Hi, I'm noticing many other people wanting the dedicated number row, and it's been going on for a couple years now. Is Nuance ignoring peoples requests? While I didn't read all pages, I did not see any response on the ones I did read. I did notice on another forum that "current UX opinion on an additional number row that it really kills the remaining real-estate". We're not asking for Nuance to make it a default, but perhaps an option for those who want it, and have the 'real-estate' available for it. Couldn't it be available in the form of a theme or something? Seems like a no brainer to me. There is an individual with a rooted device who has hacked his Swype keyboard and added his own number row. I'd rather see Nuance officially add support for the feature as an option though.

    Another option, how about reducing the minimum delay on long press so we could use the layout as it stands without such huge delay. 100ms seems fair, right now it's 250ms. It is funny that in this world a massive quarter second is just too slow for us, lol.

    Thanks, and Cheers!
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    Hi Igorian,

    My replies must've just gotten lost in this large thread. We know that number input can be improved and we're looking for ways to do that. One possibility would be to add a number row, as detailed in this thread.

    Great quote you've found there. This is definitely the challenge with adding an additional row above the keyboard. While larger phones are becoming more and more popular, it's still a significant issue. If such a feature were to be implemented in Swype, it would likely be a user-option that is off by default.

    We will be changing the minimum delay in future versions so that users can choose lower values for the long-press delay.

    Thanks for the feedback

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    This topic has been open since 2010. It's 2014 now. Not only that but there is FREE keyboard which has this option now out of the box and in many aspects eclipse Swype. I still prefer Swype but it's getting more and more difficult to continue using or recommending swype bearing in mind Swiftkey gone free and has this feature one. It's pretty obvious it's trivial technical change since it was done by some hackers based on existing Swype implementation. So why it has been ingnored for last 4 years. I take it as common BS answer - "we are looking into this". This kind of attitude will loose customers where "we are looking into this" is continuing during 4 years.
    Again there is now excellent keyboard on market with majority of features offered by swype and it costs exactly 0$. Please bring this requested feature to Swype and stop giving us "we are looking into this" BS

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