Almost 100% of my swyping is for texting. I do not write manuscripts on my phone. Nor do I write technical emails nor enter obscure information about nearly anything. Most of what I swype revolves around keeping in touch with about the same ten people I've kept close contact with for 20 years.

Chances are I'm not writing them to tell them the nuances of some Greek literature I recently came across. Nor would I find myself them to impress them with words seldom used in collequial conversations.

I'm swyping to respond to what they did over the weekend, what they are doing right now, to thank them for something, to complain about something, to send them a pic to make them laugh at. we're talking short sentances, sometimes, one word responses.

Can we please have the ability to pick which dictionary swype should use as default? I've removed "fir" and "fit" from the dictionary countless times, but I stell have 10% accuracy in swyping the often used word "for". Same for 'not". Anything that even comes close to the patterns for typing "not" and "for" should default to those words.

I'd love my default dictionary to be one that has simply about 300 of the most commonly used words in converstation. Anything beyond that, I'm happy to add to my own dictionary. Hell, I'd even be happy with a default dictionary of 0 words.

Swyping is great, but not when it defaults to words you would never, ever choose to use.