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Thread: Option to turn off automatic add to dictionary

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    Option to turn off automatic add to dictionary

    I personally find the automatic add to dictionary feature very annoying because it all too often adds misspellings (by me) that then wreak havoc and are hard to delete. I'd much rather only add words to the dictionary explicitly. Thanks.
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    I think the feature is useful alot of the time but others it gets annoying so it would be nice to have the option to turn this feature on and off. And then from the swype options, be able to view and edit our dictionary and select do not auto add to dictionary for words that some how keep showing up like "amd" does for me and prevents me from swyping and haha

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    Yes, I too, would like to disable the custom dictionary. I sometimes text in different languages and do not want to constantly switch between the keyboard language in Swype.

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    Aye aye. Third this notion.
    The "automatic add" functionality should be a setting that we can turn on or off.
    I often find myself playing a game on my phone wherein I must type in another player's user name, and that name then gets added to the dictionary when I have no intention of ever typing it again. Likewise, I sometimes will send a street name or a date or a time in a text ("315pm", for example) and this is then added to the dictionary unnecessarily.

    I support the notion of disabling the auto-add functionality. Further, I read elsewhere that the development team is working on the ability to edit the Swype dictionary manually, and I look forward to that feature.

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