Changing between 3 lamguages

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  1. Badigel said:

    Changing between 3 lamguages

    Since I got my android phone I've been trying different keyboards and input methods. I have found, by far, that Swype is the fastest and most accurate keyboard.
    But, since I am using 3 different languages, I found that changing languages is the opposite of Swype, slow and cumbersome.
    Is there no fast way to change a between more than 2 languages but to press the space key and wait?
  2. Jacob.W said:
    Hi Badigel,

    There isn't currently a method to smoothly switch between 3 different languages. Depending on which languages you are using, you may be able to use bilingual for 2 of the languages (so that both languages are combined in one keyboard), then you can use the quick language switch gesture (from the Swype key to the space bar) to switch to your other language.

    Otherwise, in newer versions of Swype we have implemented a slide menu over the spacebar for quickly switching between recent languages. If you'd like to see this in action check out our trial at:

  3. Badigel said:
    Hi Jacob,

    I've been using the trial for a couple of weeks.
    Tried bilingual for French and English, but it doesn't work flawlessly(obviously) so changing languages is still faster.
    Also, the slide to spacebar is nice, but since I don't really know each time which are the recent languages I used, I find my self sliding to the spacebar just to find that the recent languages isn't the one I want.

    This is the only major grip I got with an otherwise awesome product.
    If you could guess add the option to have a languages button, it will be awesome!

    Despite this, I'm still going to purchase Swype at the end of my trial.

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