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Thread: Feature: Always replace "dy" for "du"

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    Feature: Always replace "dy" for "du"

    I have never meant to write "dy" once in my life in text messages.
    However "du" is a word I write all the time.

    Du means you in Norwegian, a very common word. I understand that you can't know all the languages and work that out in a moment,
    but what I immediately require, is a feature to automatically swap "dy" with "du". Like a "replace section" in my personal wordlist. Or a "blacklist section"

    I would actually hope for Swype to in the future learn that by itself after I've written "du" a 1000 times, and never "dy", and also corrected "dy" to "du" 100 times.

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    Try removing dy from the dictionary. Next time it shows up in as the suggested word, long press the suggestion. If it's in the dictionary, you will be prompted to remove it.

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    Thanks, that's really helpful!

    But what about words I rarely write? Some kind of preference based on number of times written would be great.
    I don't want to delete all the words permanently from the wordlist... A blacklisting feature in the editable custom wordlist would be great also!

    What about a more intelligent keyboard?
    Maybe it takes a big database and makes writing slower, but number of times that a word shows up after the other?

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    That's actually what the language models do. The "advanced" language model is built by measuring the probability of each word being used after each other word and each other pair of words. It's highly compressed and doesn't store all possible pairs, but it's still the majority of the size of the language database.

    On device, the dynamic language model tracks these stats from the words you type.

    Probably the problem with "du" is that the Norwegian advanced language model might be learning the counts from more formal text. I don't know Norwegian, but in English forms of "you" are MUCH less common in formal text.

    We're currently working on getting more appropriate text to train the advanced language models. I think Norwegian is on the list but if not I'll let you know when we get better data for it.

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