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Thread: Esperanto

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    I just installed Swype, and it works perfectly in Finnish, Swedish, Russian and English. However, there is no Esperanto support, so I have to switch between input methods all the time, as I regularly write in all these languages, which is cumbersome, and keeps me from choosing Swype as my default input method. Which is a pity.

    Could you please add Esperanto support? An Esperanto keyboard is already a part of the Android core from 4.2, and spelling dictionaries are freely available, so this shouldn't be too much of a hassle?


    MultiLing keyboard already has Esperanto support for swipe input, but Swype would seem better in a variety of ways, if only you had all the languages I need.

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    I'd love an Esperanto keyboard, too. I usually write in Italian, but sometimes switch to Esperanto because I've got many Esperanto-friends - and I'm afraid I've been polluting my local database with Esperanto words. A specific language pack would be great. Also, I'm available for help, should you need a good language speaker to test the new package.

    Mi ankaŭ tre ŝatus Esperanto-klavaron. Mi kutime skribas itale, sed foje uzas Esperanton, pro miaj multaj Esperanto-amikoj - kaj mi timas, ke mi malpurigis mian lokan datumbazon per Esperanto-vortoj. Aparta lingvopakaĵo estus mojosa. Mi ankaŭ disponeblas kiel helpanto, okaze ke vi bezonas kapablan lingvoparolanton por testi la novan pakaĵon.

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    Please just modify the keyboards (I use the french one, but others should be modified as well, as Esperanto is spoken everywhere in the world), to enable us to type the 6 esperanto special letters. They are : ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ ŭ and Ĉ Ĝ Ĥ Ĵ Ŝ Ŭ. Simply add them as variants of keys c g h j s u and C G H J S U.

    I always have to change to Anysoft Keyboard to type them, but I would prefer to stay in Swype.

    That's very important to us, esperanto speakers.
    Thank you for your powerful keyboard !!

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    I would also really appreciate Esperanto support, or at the very least a special keyboard to allow you to easily type the special letters that seb-esperanto mentioned.

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    Has there been any development on this? At the very least adding those six characters to the popup menu when holding down a key would solve the issue.

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    Yes to Esperanto! Duolingo has its Esperanto lessons coming out of beta this year and I would love to keep Swype as my keyboard. Even a simple keyboard that has the special characters will do.

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    Ĝĥŝ looks like Swype is half way there.

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    Half way is good, but also completely useless. :-( I'm hoping this post will get enough attention that I won't have to use the Google keyboard

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    Ankoraŭ esperante...

    The Esperanto course at Duolingo has come out and there are tons of new Esperanto speakers, many of them will likely also be looking for a convenient way to type in Esperanto on their phones/tablets.

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    I am also requesting an Esperanto keyboard.
    Many people would be glad to Swype in Esperanto, there are now 90 thousand learners of Esperanto on duolingo, yet the course has been released recently and is still in beta.
    I would like the Esperanto keyboard to have the qwerty layout plus the long press to get the following characters: ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ ŭ. But whichever layout(s) you implement it/they will be good enough.
    We are all looking forward to use Swype for Esperanto, whether by tapping or swiping.

    Google has a Esperanto keyboard, many other apps have an Esperanto keyboard, Multiling o keyboard even makes it possible to swipe in Esperanto, it's such a shame that Swype still doesn't.

    I would like to hear the answer of the Swype developers please! �� Are you considering it?

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