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Thread: ¿ and space

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    Hola¿ Qué tal? I hope that ok,¿ Cómo va este asunto?
    I would suggest also the addition of a space BEFORE "¿" sign and none after

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    News about this?

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    Now even the swype itself doesn't work to write the characters 😢 😢 😢

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    Any word on this?

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    It would appear that we are on our own. I haven't seen any posts from any Nuance/Swype reps since they rolled out the last update.

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    Jacob said that the fix was ready to be released, but with the last version it's even worse.

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    New update and still the developers are ignoring this

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    Requested also in a ticket
    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob.W View Post
    To clarify, what I meant was that we have fixed the issue, but the fix hasn't been incorporated into production versions of Swype yet.

    Sorry for any confusion
    Another versión, and still waiting for the fix

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    Another version and still the bug. Thank you for ignoring totally your Spanish users

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