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Thread: Poor dictionary

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    Quote Originally Posted by script View Post
    Mein erster Beitrag dazu wäre das Wort "Weihnachten", das swype zurzeit klein schreibt...
    I just updated the list and added your words. Since you were the first one to add something new I don't think that it makes sense to open a new thread again. I'm not even sure that Nuance is interested in improving the dictionaries. There were some updates to Swype in the past months but the German dictionary was not changed as I can see, although Jacob wrote that it is under review now.

    I think speech-to-text (Dragon) is more important for Nuance so they don't put too much effort into Swype anymore. Try it yourself and use the voice button: "Dieser Mist ist nach Weihnachten nicht behoben worden."
    You will see that "Weihnachten" and "Mist" start with a capital letter so the German dictionary of Dragon is already better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by script View Post

    what do you German-fellow-users think of a new thread that contains ONLY a collection / list of german words that are missing/ wrong in the current swype version? "only" means: without any discussion.
    As "Lustig" already started this thread, its fair enough to ask you, Lustig, to start this NEW Collection thread. In the end we all can contribute to this collecting and make it better and better. ...
    This would be a good idea, if it had any relevance for Nuance. You see that even when they rarely show up here with their actual PR-forum-contributor (Jacob.W), that they don't change anything. It is only chatter ("...we'll treat these lists as a higher priority...blablabla"...) and with several updates they didn't put any of these harvested words in the dictionary.
    It is obvious now, that nothing happens, I even have the impression, that they don't develop (better: bugfix) Swype anymore, at least at the moment.
    Other priorities, I guess, Dragon-stuff etc.

    Jacob.W (if he is still on duty) can do nothing, because there is no development, but to relief users "pain" he tells us fairy tales, this is/was his job.

    So all this here is waste of time.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 2.2.3 (update-fixed with a Tasker Profile) on SGS4 with LineageOS 13.0

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    We are currently working on making improvements/fixes to the German dictionary. This includes:

    1. Removing a number of incorrectly capitalized words (ex: "weihnachten" "hund")
    2. Adding some basic words that were missing (ex: "Olivenöl")
    3. Re-add some upper-case words that were missing, even though lowercase words were included (ex: Weg/weg and Sie/sie)

    We thank you for your help in sharing incorrect and missing words so that we can continue to improve.


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    Hi Lustig, francwalter, Jacob

    Swype reacts slow sometimes, but it's still the best keyboard.:-)

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    Just compared another common german word Nuance's Swype doesn't know with the real Swype: "Gewürz".
    Fact: real Swype knows it, real Swype has an intact german dictionary, Nuance's Swype doesn't.
    What a pity that the real Swype doesn't work on my CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) anymore.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 2.2.3 (update-fixed with a Tasker Profile) on SGS4 with LineageOS 13.0

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    Is there a fix for the poor German dictionary coming with the actual update 1.6.16?

    If yes then I don't see any language update in Swype language downloads.
    And the dictionary is poor as just before.
    Last edited by francwalter; 05-14-2014 at 3:39 PM.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 2.2.3 (update-fixed with a Tasker Profile) on SGS4 with LineageOS 13.0

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    No, there are no changes. It took some months to bring us a new update but still the same crappy dictionary:
    "Birnen" (plural) is included but "Birne" (singular) not. "Arsch" (arse) is not included but "arschkalt" (bloody cold) is.

    Be honest! What's the problem? Not enough people to do the work? No interest in improving Swype anymore?
    At least let us make the changes after all. I can't believe it's that hard. Please, don't lie to us again!

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    Hi all,

    We're sorry to say that the changes we were referring to above have not yet been implemented. However, we are still working on making these changes and they will still be coming in a future update.

    Thank you

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    There is this Nuance-Swype version for OPPO, from this thread:
    But unfortunately with the same German Scheiß dictionary.
    At least it's more stable.
    But doesn't sync own words from other versions.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 2.2.3 (update-fixed with a Tasker Profile) on SGS4 with LineageOS 13.0

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    I don't have any info on release dates, but I can say that we started looking into it. And found some systematic bugs for German capitalization.

    We've been fixing it at the code level rather than tweaking the word list manually. It's taking longer than expected because it required special code just for German capitalization. It's a little tricky to automatically determine from plain text because you have to filter out the capitalization of words at the start of sentence. And especially for German you need to find a good way to tell the difference between words that legitimately have both uppercase and lowercase forms from words which appear as lowercase due to typos or bad data.

    It's not my intention to say that it should take a long time, but rather that you found a large issue and the feedback is being used.

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