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Thread: Poor dictionary

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    Lustig, Francwalter,

    Fair enough! Even though there are more missing words, we'll treat these lists as a higher priority. We tend to update languages in conjunction with updates. So that when we put an update out, we also update your language.


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    Thank you Jacob

    It's not possible to get a normal dictionary for German?
    Is it a question of price? It's too expensive?
    Let the user buy it then (app store add-on e.g.)
    Nuance-Swype Version: 3.0.2 on SGS4 with CM13

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    Hello Jacob
    Can you add a feature to edit default dictionary?

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    I don't think that the dictionary has too few words but rather too many gaps.
    There has to be a reason why it contains words like "postfaschistischen" (post-fascist) or "Liveblog" but misses words like "Essig" (vinegar) and "Mandel" (almond/tonsil) at the same time!?
    I can't see a reasonable explanation for this failure and I don't use "Living Language" by the way.
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    At least crawl Wikipedia and add all words that appear at least 5 times and / or are a page title.
    Even this will give a better dictionary than the current one...

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    The word "hund" is still not fixed in the last update 1.6.5 so I guess there is no effort at all for the German dictionary anyway.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 3.0.2 on SGS4 with CM13

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    Updated the list again but I still don't see any updates to the dictionary so I think my efforts are pretty worthless.
    I hate waiting months for some simple changes just because it's not the primary dictionary. Maybe we get lucky in 2014.

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    what do you German-fellow-users think of a new thread that contains ONLY a collection / list of german words that are missing/ wrong in the current swype version? "only" means: without any discussion.
    As "Lustig" already started this thread, its fair enough to ask you, Lustig, to start this NEW Collection thread. In the end we all can contribute to this collecting and make it better and better.


    was haltet ihr übrigen deutschen Nutzer davon, einen neuen Thread zu eröffnen, der ausschließlich eine Sammlung/ Liste deutscher Wörter ist, die im aktuellen swype fehlen oder falsch sind? Ausschließlich bedeutet: ohne jegliche Diskussion.
    Ich fände es fair, wenn "Lustig" diesen neuen Sammlungs-thread eröffnen würde. So könnten alle deutschen Nutzer die Sammlung vervollständigen und dazu beitragen, das "deutsche" swype besser und besser zu machen.

    Mein erster Beitrag dazu wäre das Wort "Weihnachten", das swype zurzeit klein schreibt. Man könnte es so machen:

    Falsch/ wrong Richtig/ correct Fehler/ problem
    weihnachten Weihnachten starts with capital letter
    mist Mist capital letter

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    Since the last weeks or months I have the impression that there is nobody left in the Nuance team. No update with fix of really serious Bugs, nearly no comment in this forum. And when they post something it is just a try to calm down users, with not any real help.
    This sucks.
    What a damned pity, that Swype was bought by this sloppy incorporation Nuance, without any skilled developer!
    I have only very few hope that there will be someday a normal German dictionary.
    I all the time switch between SwiftKey and Swype.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 3.0.2 on SGS4 with CM13

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    If SwiftKey had this edit keyboard I wouldn't use Swype at all I guess.
    Nuance-Swype Version: 3.0.2 on SGS4 with CM13

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