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Thread: please let us turn off automatically inserting apostrophes

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    please let us turn off automatically inserting apostrophes

    If I swype a word, such as hell, ill, were, its, or other similar words, swype should not put an apostrophe in there unless I explicitly swipe through the apostrophe key. This ability to swipe to add punctuation is the main reason I prefer swype to other keyboards, but I get frustrated at its unpredictable behaviour in these circumstances. Feel free to present the word with the apostrophe as an option, but please never the default word unless I swipe the apostrophe in.

    Happy to have this behaviour as an option but a keyboard should be deterministic as much as possible, I like the fact that swype has tricks to make sure you get the right word but this really ruins it.


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    Yeah I massively second this.. would be very much appreciated.

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    I agree. Or, at least include the apostrophe-free word in the list of suggested words (try Swyping hell and look at the suggestions).

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    When possible we provide the non-apostrophe'd version of the word you have Swyped so that you have both. "Well" vs. "we'll" or "we're" versus "were" may be better examples (we don't include "hell" in the default Swype dictionary). For Veteran Swype users it makes sense that inputting a word should first input the non-apostrophe'd version.

    We'll keep this feedback in mind, thank you for the request!

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    Isn't this essentially a form of auto-correction (or contextual guessing)? In my opinion, the behaviour should change depending on whether the user has auto-correct enabled or disabled.

    For example, couldn't you remove words with apostrophes from the word suggestions if users have auto-correct disabled, and don't explicitly swipe through the apostrophe? Another option would be to switch the order of the suggestions, so that the words without apostrophes would become the first word suggestion rather than the second when auto-correct is disabled.

    I, like many others, prefer to disable auto-correct and explicitly swipe through the apostrophe if it's needed. It's especially annoying to have words with apostrophes in them show up when auto-correct is disabled and I don't swipe through the apostrophe.

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    I created an account here for the purpose of bumping this thread. I'm perfectly capable of tracing my finger over the apostrophe key if I want it in a word, so when I don't do that, please don't put it in!

    Imagine for a moment if you had two other words/worlds, and the user clearly swiped the word "words", but you inserted the word "worlds", because they *obviously* wanted that letter in the world even though they didn't get near it.

    Wait, no, that would be stupid and frustrating!

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    Not exactly sure what the writer is referring to...maybe things have changed since 2014...I can't imagine why anybody would want to get rid of apostrophes and do it manually...I mean you have to change keyboards to stick in a apostrophe...that is indeed a huge pain I the ass!!!

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    If the letters typed are only a word if there's an apostrophe, you *might* have a point, but there are plenty of letter combinations that are words with or without an apostrophe, e.g., we'll vs well, it's vs its, he'll vs hell, etc. (Btw, the fact that Swype doesn't include the word "hell" in its default dictionary is absurd. It's a common word that's not even necessarily profane.) Also, no one is suggesting that auto-adding apostrophes shouldn't be an option. We're suggesting that an option be added. Especially when the user turns off autocorrect, autocorrection is annoying. I happen to think there should be different levels of autocorrect, as in aggressive, moderate, and minimal, and none. The Google keyboard used to have this. In any case, giving the user more options for default behavior is never a bad thing.

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