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Thread: Add option to display 0-9 row on top of keyboard at all times.

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    This would be great

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    OPTIONAL # Row

    Would LOVE to have a number row (5th row) on the top of the keyboard. With more and more large devices becoming the norm, this would be SO useful.

    You could just ignore the number row for "swype" prediction.

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    Great idea!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    maybe a number row that can be swyped to toggle it to arrow keys? lack of arrow keys on the main keyboard is the only thing keeping me from using swype as my daily driver...

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    add an option for a 5th raw for numbers (digits)

    Many people have large screen nowadays on their mobile ... 4.5 inch or wider

    It's a real pain to enter numbers on mobile keyboards, even with Swype

    Please add an option fopr a 5th raw for numbers (digits)

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    Swype to 5, or long pressing the Symbols key, should bring it up.

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    + 1 for this.. would be useful to have another row of digits.

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    I registered for this forum to post this very thing. At least make the word bar at the top turn into dedicated numbers when it is not needed (a blank bar is a waste!)

    Love that feature of the galaxy note keyboard. But prefer using swype over that keyboard... that one reason isn't enough to not use swype ;D

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    I'm using the samsung kb becasue they have the numbers row. I much prefer SWYPE but I use the numbers too much. I'd love this option as well.

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    dedicated number row

    With the trend of phone sizes getting bigger and bigger, I think there should be an option to have a dedicated number row.

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