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Thread: Add option to display 0-9 row on top of keyboard at all times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _vk30_ View Post
    Hey Nuance, you said in 2010 you were looking into this. 6 years is a long time! I bought Swype years ago (android 2.5-ish) but stopped using it because of lack of # row, then after you could no longer select google voice, because of this. I use it now because I'm rooted and now use the xPosed modules for number row and google voice. Those weren't available until more recently. What a waste of phone space, and what % of Android users are rooted - 0.5%? Big addressable market there!
    Please add this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlivin View Post
    Please add this!
    Swype seems to have dropped the ball big time on a lot of issues.

    Back in 2010ish, they appeared to be much more responsive and receptive to community input, and seemed to address some issues rather quickly. Swype was *THE* premiere gesture keyboard for a good while. Then when competition started coming out, Swype started to become more of a "take it as it comes, and like it that way" type of situation. Not impressed at all. They went from a power-user type of app to a general ppl app

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    Try the app 123qwerty for iPhone and iPad. The number row is on top all the time. It also has customizable keys

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    Such a shame for swype team, even Google Add numbers row on top separated with new Gboard update and we are here requesting them since last 5 years add number row on top separated

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    Thank you for adding this feature however it needs to be supported simultaneously with second characters, as it's not ideal to have one without the other. Please fix. Thanks

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    Unhappy THANKS!!! But please add the ability to STILL the secondary characters!!

    Yes, thank for adding a dedicated number row option!! However, when selecting the dedicated number row, it makes the secondary characters disappear. I love Swype and so does my family, please add back in the secondary characters when the number row is selected.


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