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Thread: Medical Dictionary

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    Medical Dictionary

    I'm sure a medical dictionary would be a popular feature. I think Dragon already has one that doctor's are using for their dictation. Is there one for the Swype keyboard on my Android?

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    I second that request. Being a health provider and knowing the medical dictionary is available, even as a paid option would be useful

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    Hey all,

    Great idea! We've also had some interest in creating a medical dictionary internally. We know this could be a pretty handy tool, especially in fields that have such specific vocabulary.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    I would absolutely love a medical dictionary! As it is I have a huge dictionary of learned medical words, but having one compiled already would be a huge time saver. Dragon already does a good job of dictating medical terms, but I think that is because it uses the internet, something not always available in a hospital or risk community.

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