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Thread: Directional Arrows

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    Directional Arrows

    Hi, I bought SwiftKey months ago and hated not being able to Swype, but I kept using it because it had directional arrows on the keyboard, so you could move to edit or re-read a word without the issue that other keyboards have, where the text box jumps all over as you try to drag the cursor up. I can't even read what I've written here because I have to touch the words I want to see, but I can't touch them because they're scrolled up.. Anyway, arrows are really helpful and I almost can't enter text in my browser without them. They are useful in other apps as well. SwiftKey allowed you to turn them on or off so they don't take up room if you don't need them. Sorry if there are any typos but I can't see what I'm typing so I can't fix all of them.

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    There are directional arrows. For the 1.x versions they are on the number pad layer. For the pre-installed versions, they are on the edit layer (gesture Swype key to "123" or "123" -> Edit).

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    Nice, thanks. Wish they were on the main screen but it's better than nothing.

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    Just for the record, when Swiftkey introduced their gesture keyboard for the tablet, they removed all and any arrow keys. I don't know about their phone version.

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    I, too, would really like to have the option to add back and forward arrow keys to the main keyboard (not up or down: those I rarely use). The problem is mainly Android's, because dragging the blue cursor thingies is hopelessly unreliable and inaccurate. But arrow keys can solve this.

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    I never heard of such a problem! Tell us how you solved it?
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    Wow,I didn't know that...helps a lot, thank you!

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