I really dislike having to pick between the thing that predict my next word and having all the likely punctuation that I might need immediately there. I can envision many solutions to this, whether that be the keyboard shrink a little bit on every word completion, slightly expanding the top row who allowed two rows, one of which has the punctuation and the other of which has the next word prediction, then expands when you start typing again, or perhaps a better solution that doesn't require zooming; the keyboard top row displays all the likely word candidates upon word completion, as per it is right now,but when you click on the right word it immediately changes to punctuation, but that Top row bar can be swiped up or down to change between punctuation and next word prediction. or perhaps that to row bar can immediately change the punctuation after you select the right word, and then can immediately change again to next word prediction after you select the right punctuation, and that punctuation can be a space which of course means no punctuation.that last one seems like it would work pretty perfectly