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Thread: Editing the Case of a Word on Galaxy Note 8 not working with 1.5.6 16934

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    Editing the Case of a Word on Galaxy Note 8 not working with 1.5.6 16934

    Hi All,
    So I did a search of the forums and could not find if this is a general issue or just one with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When I Swype in some text and want to edit the case of the word swyped I tap the word in the application I am using then tap and swype from the "S" to the shift key (per the instructions). I expect to see capitalization options pop up, but they do not.

    I am using a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Swype Version 1.5.6 16934 , and using the stylus to Swype with. Other functions like cut and paste seem to work correctly.

    Anyway has anyone out there seen this on a Note 8? If so am I overlooking a setting or something?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Same problem here. In stock email it works, but in Polaris Office it doesn't.

    Galaxy note 1 and 10.1, German language, all updated versions.

    In Polaris I have some more probs as well: when I finish a sentence and want to tap the "dot" at the end of the sentence, sometimes some more letters are inserted, like in sentenceerted. (Combination of sentence and 2nd half of inserted) strange is, that this happens sometimes, and sometimes not. I am positive that I swype correctly from dot to space!

    Also, the gesture Swype+a works, but the gesture Swype+x/v doesn't. Only on Polaris Office!!!

    On stock email or messages Swype does everything it should do. It seems to be an issue with Polaris.

    Any ideas/help?

    Greetings from Cologne, script
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    I was using Polaris when I noticed this too! I will try additional apps to see if it tracks...

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    Also same behavior in S Note

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    Awesome Note HD does work as described in Swype Help. So it looks like it is hit or miss in how it works with some applications. Wonder if it has to do with Samsungs default keyboard on the Note 8? Will try and find a way to shut that off...

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    Hey all,

    We are aware of a few issues between Polaris Office/ S Note and some of our gestures. We've investigated this issue in the past and found that these issues are related to the apps themselves. At this point, it doesn't look like we'll be releasing an app specific workaround.

    CRubio, are you able to successfully use the gesture in other apps? (Email, for example?)

    @scripts thanks for the added information. Sorry, there isn't really much else you can do to minimize the problems you are experiencing in that app.


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    Thanks. Do you know an office software (only writing/ editing word docs (or openoffice documents) that works perfectly with swype on galaxy note devices?

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