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Thread: Enter Key is missing on Nexus 7

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    Enter Key is missing on Nexus 7

    yes I dont have any enter button or return key anymore

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    Hi hanschke,

    When you say the enter key is missing, what do you see instead? Is there a blank space? Is there a key that says "done"? Do you see a magnifying glass?

    What app are you seeing this in? What kind of a text field is it? (Search field, messaging field, to field in an email, etc.) Is there a set of steps needed for this to happen?

    I am not seeing the same issue on my Nexus 7 here.


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    I have done a replay with a picture but it is not shown

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    Hi again Hanschke,

    I think I see what the issue is.

    The "enter key" is still there but changes based on its function/what type of text field it is in. In this case, the enter key is the magnifying glass. This indicates that hitting it will perform a search.

    Thanks for the screenshot!

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    thank you for feedback

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    Enter key is not there

    The enter key does not appear on nexus 4 stock text apk, instead there is a smiley, when you enter the text apk in the "to" field appear the word return , but in the "type message" field appear a smiley

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    Your issue is separate from the original issue, please see this thread for more information: http://forum.swype.com/showthread.ph...uot-Smile-quot

    We are aware that this is a major issue for many of our users. Right now, we listen to whatever app we are in to determine which key to return. So, if the app that you use provides us with a smiley key, we will provide a smiley key.

    As many of you mention, however, besides relying on the app to provide the correct key there are other ways to get around this. In future versions of Swype, we would like to be able to provide a return key, even in cases where it is not provided by the app. This is a high priority for us, and we plan on making this available in future versions of Swype.


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