Hello, I've been using Swype for a while now, but I've recently started to use and develop unicode Emojis.
I found a strange behavior when deleting an Emoji from a TextView. Specifically when deleting a two-bytes character (90% of Emojis are bigger than 1 byte). When I press backspace the TextView simply hides all content inside it; I have to press backspace one more time to fully delete the Emoji (like if Swype was deleting it one byte at a time).
The issue here is probably the other byte in the Emoji left because Swype didn't delete it, it's probably a special Unicode character which behaves strangely on Android 4.2. But that's not the issue: Swype should delete the entire Unicode codepoint.
Android stock keyboard and Hacker's keyboard behave correctly (they need just 1 backspace hit to delete both bytes). Of course issue doesn't happen when deleting single byte Emojis.

I'm running Android 4.2.2 (Cyanogenmod 2013-06-06 Nightly) on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100P - that is NFC variant). I'm using latest version of Swype from Play Store (I just re-applied to beta program though, waiting for approval to forum group).
If you need more information just say it.