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Thread: Swype for desktops!!!

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    Swype for desktops!!!

    I use SWYPE on my smartphone and tablets and would LOVE to be able to use SWYPE integrated with the MAGIC CUBE (or something similar) on my desktop computer as well as on tablets and phones. I realize that SWYPE does not yet exist for desktops but if Celluon and SWYPE got together you can imagine what a revolution that would create! WHY not bring the SWYPE experience to desktops by integrating the MAGIC CUBE with SWYPE and eliminate the need for physical keyboards altogether! Isn't that the obvious NEXT STEP for SWYPE? Why isn't there any info about this anywhere on the net?

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    with the app "unified remote" or similar you can bring Swype to your desktop already

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    thanks, that could be interesting...
    but with unified remote you have to use your phone to control your desktop
    plus you have to swype on your phone's tiny virtual keyboard
    I'd like to be able to swype on a neutral surface like a desk using magic cube
    OR on a keyless (bigger than a a smartphone but smaller than a) keyboard touch pad device.
    yeah I'm picky but isn't that what imagination is for? ;-)

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